How to File a Lemon Law Claim

by | Dec 9, 2014 | Attorney

When you purchase a used vehicle and receive a warranty from the dealership, the law states that your vehicle must meet the terms of that warranty. If you purchase a used car without a warranty, then you are assuming responsibility for anything that may go wrong with the vehicle. Under the lemon law, a used car that is under warranty and needs numerous repairs for the same thing or ends up in the shop for an extended period of time may qualify for a refund. Fighting for your rights under the lemon law can be tricky, so it’s always best to hire legal counsel.

Hire a Specialized Attorney

There are attorneys who specialize in helping clients win cases under the lemon law. Used car dealerships and dealers are responsible for providing warranties and ensuring that the cars they sell aren’t faulty. However, this doesn’t mean every used car gets a thorough inspection or that every problem is apparent when the dealership inspects it. You are always at risk of having a problem with a used vehicle, but the lemon law is there to protect you.

Collect All Paperwork

Before you visit the attorney for the first time, you should collect all of your paperwork involving the vehicle. This includes repair and service reports, warranties, sales papers, and any independent inspections you had done after making the purchase. All of this information is what your attorney will use to help you build a case. The attorney will request paperwork from the defendant, but to corroborate evidence, it’s best to provide as much of your own documentation as possible.

Pursuing Financial Compensation

When you file a lawsuit under the lemon law, you are asking the dealership to refund your money for selling you a faulty vehicle. In some states you will be entitled to the fees and taxes associated and in other states you will only receive the cost of the vehicle. Once you gather your paperwork, your attorney will draft the necessary legal documents and have the dealership or manufacturer served with the paperwork. From that point, you follow the lead of your attorney. Depending on the state you live in, you may need to attend arbitration before you can file a lawsuit, but you always have the option to sue under the lemon law for used cars.Visit the site for more information.

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