How to Recognize When You Need To Call Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS about Your Personal Injury Case

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Being involved in a personal injury case can be a frustrating experience. Not only do you have to worry about medical care, but you’ll also be fighting the insurance company to get fair compensation for your pain and suffering. If you’ve yet to consult an attorney about your case, here are a few ways to know when it’s time to do so:

It can be hard to get medical treatment when you don’t have the money. Depending on how backed up the court system is, it could be a long time before your case is heard. In these situations, it’s a good idea to reach out to Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS who can help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company before you even get a chance to hash it out in court.


Many people are surprised to find out that some claims adjusters will do anything they can to try to get them to accept a lower settlement even though their case may be worth much more. If you’ve been contacted by a claims adjuster, don’t sign any documents until you speak with Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS who can assess your case and tell you what it’s really worth.

It is not always easy to tell where the blame for your accident should be placed. For example, a trucking accident could have been caused by a malfunctioning mechanical part and therefore require a lawsuit against that parts manufacturer. In a slip and fall case, you may need to blame the property owner instead of the store owner. Lawyers in Hattiesburg MS will help you get to the bottom of your case and figure out who is at fault.

Your personal injury case is dependent upon your ability to prove that the person who caused your accident was negligent in some way. You’ll also need to prove your damages to a judge before you can receive compensation. A personal injury lawyer can help you obtain medical records and arrange your evidence so that it’s clear to any judge that you deserve the settlement you’re after.

Pursuing a personal injury case can be quite complex. Instead of trying to go it alone, get in touch with the law offices of T Michael Reed. With quality legal counsel on your side, you’ll be in the a good position to get the compensation and treatment you need to begin rebuilding your life.

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