Identifying Benefit Possibilities With A Workers Comp Attorney In Vermont

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Law

In Vermont, employees who are injured on the job are eligible for benefits under workers compensation laws. The type of benefits depends on the injury, recovery time, and if the worker could return to their current job. Under Vermont law, all employers must provide these benefits as directed by employment regulations.

Medical Coverage for Their Injuries

The laws state that the employer must pay for all medical treatment required. This includes medication and devices prescribed by the doctor. If the injury requires surgery, the employer is liable for the total cost. The employee may choose their own doctor. They aren’t restricted to the doctor preferred by their employer.

Monetary Workers Comp Benefits

Any employee who is out of work for a period of at least seven days is entitled to monetary benefits. These benefits are distributed weekly according to the starting date on the claim. The value of these benefits is roughly sixty percent of the employee’s weekly wages. However, if the employee could return on a part-time basis or on light-duty, they receive partial payments. These payments are temporary and required until the employee may return to work full-time. If the employee is denied these benefits, they should hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Vermont now. Visit website to get more information.

What is Vocational Rehab?

Vocational rehab services help injured employees acquire job training. It is available when the employee cannot perform their previous job functions due to this injury. The cost of training is covered under the worker’s compensation insurance.

Settlements and Permanent Injuries

Injuries that produce a permanent loss of ability or function require a settlement. The monetary settlement is based on the employee’s current wages. The projected settlement equates to the probable income they’d receive throughout the rest of their lives.

Vermont laws require employers to provide adequate coverage for their workers. This helps the workers to recover from their injuries without a significant financial loss. If the employee’s injuries are severe, the policy pays a lump sum settlement. Workers who receive an offer for these settlements should contact a Workers Comp Attorney in Vermont at McVeigh Skiff LLP for further evaluation.

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