If you are seeking an attorney for your accident in or near San Antonio, Texas

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Criminal Justice Attorney

If you have had a recent slip-and-fall accident on someone’s property and you have been hurt, you need to find a slip-and-fall attorney in San Antonio, Texas. If the person who owns that property was negligent and, in any way, caused your accident, you may have a civil case against the property owner.

You may have medical bills, have not been able to work, and have lost the income you needed, as well as other negative results from your accident.

You want a law firm that will provide you with a cost-free evaluation of your case and help you decide if you want to sue the property owner. If the property owner knew about the possibility that someone might get hurt based on the condition of the property and you have an attorney who will fight for you, you might have a successful lawsuit.

There are times that you do not go to the doctor’s or to an emergency room because you don’t have the money to pay a medical bill. You might be exposing yourself to a lifetime of pain caused by the accident. If you sue and your attorney helps you win your case, you might recover funds to provide the care you need.

The key is finding the right attorney who will work with you to get the justice you deserve and the funds you need to help care for yourself.

For a great slip and fall attorney in San Antonio, reach out to the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez. Visit JesseHernandezLaw.com for more information!

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