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Judges in Indiana (and in some other states) are increasingly requiring that divorcing couples attend mediation session(s) before going to court. In Marion and Johnson Counties, for example, all family law cases that are expected to take up more than two hours of the court’s time are required to first attend mediation. Some couples object, feeling that mediation is useless to them as there are no potential areas of agreement and mediation will only cost them more money.

Even if mediation is unable to resolve all conflicts, there are some substantial benefits that can be gained by each side.

  • Every conflict that is resolved will save legal fees that would otherwise be spent on preparing to argue that point in court. On a personal level, anything both parties agree to will probably work to the benefit of both parties long-term. Child custody and visitation details agreed to by the parents will probably work better than terms dictated by the court. This also means that limited court time will be spent on only the remaining disagreements.
  • If an issue cannot be resolved during mediation, the session gives insight into the other party’s thinking on the matter. Knowing their arguments in advance allows your attorney to prepare to counter those points in court.
  • The mediator is an experienced, impartial observer who will conduct the session in a relaxed setting designed to promote cooperation and open communication. His or her legal experience and unbiased attitude may provide a preview of how the court will regard certain points. This may lead to more realistic expectations and ultimate agreement.

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