Important Information From DUI Defense Lawyers in Tyler TX

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Lawyers

Being pulled over for a suspected DUI can cause a person to feel overwhelmed and nervous. The field sobriety testing can be difficult to go through and the arrest process is rarely easy to deal with. Since the entire process can be stressful, it is important a person knows their rights and what they can expect so they will be prepared and ready to face their charges head-on. With this information, arrested individuals can be better prepared so they are less stressed.

The DUI defense lawyers in Tyler TX always advise their clients to make sure they are proactive and work to protect their rights. A person holds certain Rights even if they are guilty of committing a crime. These rights are read to them when they are first arrested and it is crucial they pay special attention to them.

It is advised a person does not speak throughout the period of their arrest. Should a person speak, they could end up further incriminating themselves in the crimes they are being charged with. Though the police may ask questions of the arrested person, it is crucial they do not respond until they have spoken with their DUI defense lawyers in Tyler TX. With a lawyer’s help, a person can rest assured their rights will be fully protected so their arrest and trial flow as seamlessly as possible.

An arrested individual also needs to avoid submitting to any questioning. Their lawyer needs to be present while they are being questioned to ensure no unfair questions are asked. It is the right of a person to have their lawyer present during any questioning period, so it behooves them to exercise their rights.

The more a person exercises their rights, the better the chances of them getting a fair outcome. For more information on hiring a lawyer to help with a DUI defense, Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C. This site is full of beneficial information that will assist people in making a sound decision on whether or not they should hire a lawyer to help them through their trial. Contact them today and allow them to give you information on how they can help your case.

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