Increasing Popularity Of The Legal Malpractice Insurance In Los Angeles

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Law

Malpractice is any kind of improper practice by a person by means of which a person might be injured or his property might be damaged. However, insurance covers can be purchased for such malpractice, as a result of which, if you ever become a victim of this practice, or if any of your property is damaged, you will get the compensation for the losses. Often, when a person takes the help of a lawyer due to some reasons, he might also be subjected to the threat of malpractice and in such case he can file a lawsuit. If you are a lawyer and belong to Los Angeles, you can be assured that the availability of legal malpractice insurance will not be a difficulty. There are large numbers of doctors, lawyers and even dentists carry the insurance in today’s date.

Violation Of Rule

A lawyer is supposed to be well aware of the law. However, often, irrespective of being well aware of the law, he might violate the rules of law. He might offer legal practice that is below the standard. In such a case, the person who has hired the lawyer should realize that the lawyer had violated the law, and under such situations, he will be able to file a lawsuit. The availability of the insurance will pay for the defense of the lawyer.

Increasing Costs

Since most lawyers are currently focused on buying legal malpractice insurance, the costs have risen to a great extent. In fact, the lawyers have started realizing that they can be sued by their clients anytime during their career for malpractice. This is the reason for which they buy the insurance. However, being a lawyer in Los Angeles, if you are worried about the increasing costs of the insurance, you can carry out a thorough research, because there are large numbers of companies that offer these insurance covers.

Difference In Prices On Different Factors

Like the automobile insurance, even the cost of the malpractice insurance varies. However, there are again several different factors that determine the cost of the insurance. If you are a divorce lawyer, or a personal injury lawyer or a real estate lawyer, you can expect that the prices that you have to pay for the insurance will definitely be higher. However, you can still compare the rates with different insurance companies, on the basis of which you can finally make your purchase.

Things To Know

While buying the legal malpractice insurance in Los Angeles, there are certain important factors that you need to know. A lawyer that has faced larger numbers of complaints in his career with greater lawsuits filed against him will have to pay higher premiums for the insurance. On the other hand, a lawyer who has never been sued by his client will have to pay lesser premiums. Moreover, if the insurance is purchased for longer periods of time, the premiums to be paid will also be cheaper. Therefore, it is largely up to you to decide the insurance that you will buy.



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