Influx of Iraq and Afghanistan VA Claims Adding to Clogged System

It is a shame that so many veterans who fought and were injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan war are being left out in the cold when it comes to their VA claims. An influx of veterans are returning home as the war finally comes to an end and it is effecting the wait time for an already over burdened system that is severely back logged with claims. A Veterans Disability Lawyer would shake their head in complete dismay at the state of the VA claims system.

Since 9/11 there have been over 2 million soldiers deployed overseas to offer their services during the Iraq and Afghanistan war efforts. Of those 2 million, 970,000 have filed claims for disability. The good news is there are far more survivors from this war thanks to medical advances that were able to save them from their wounds. However that also means veterans are coming home with far more wounds and in far more numbers. The average vet is claiming numerous wounds and far more complicated injuries compared to those who fought in the Viet Nam War. Most Viet Nam Vets claimed perhaps three or four injuries.

Adding to the confusion Obama made changes to the qualifications for someone to make a claim for VA disability. Although this allowed vets to claim more benefits it has added to the strains place on the Veterans Affairs Department. Those changes were related to Agent Orange injuries which cover a long list of health issues vets may have suffered during the Viet Nam War. This might explain why 35 percent of the claims in back log are from the Viet Nam War.

As well Obama made it easier for vets to make claims based on physiological issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It is more difficult to make a diagnosis of this condition which can also add to the back log of claims. A doctor is engaged to check the veteran’s symptoms and ensure they are consistent to the type of trauma they may have experienced.

A veteran’s disability lawyer can assist vets who seem to have been left out in the cold or who might feel their case has been handled unfairly. Vets have the right to dispute the decision made on their claims and after such a long wait it may be worth it if you feel your claim appears incorrect.

If you think your claim is not fair a Veterans Disability lawyer can help with any troubles or dispute you might have.