Injured by a Product That Was Purchased? Contact Unsafe and Defective Product Liability Attorneys.

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Hundreds of products each year result in the injury or death of an individual, which costs the United States over $700 billion each year. Products can range from toys that are hazardous to children to the automotive industry; blow-outs on defective tires and air bags that deploy while driving down the road are other examples of when products can be defective. It seems as though each week on the news, there is a recall of a product due to the injuries or potential injuries that can result from the product. When someone is injured by a faulty product, it’s important to contact unsafe and defective product liability attorneys.

Toys that contain parts that a child can choke on or car seats that can be defective leaving a child vulnerable to serious injuries or death, have occurred in the last year. If a child has been injured with these types of products, do not throw the product away or destroy it but keep the item and immediately contact unsafe and defective product liability attorneys. A child is already suffering emotionally and physically while a parent is suffering emotionally and financially for the proper medical treatment. An attorney can help to recover the costs involved in restoring a child’s life to a pre-accident condition.

Adults can suffer the serious injuries from defective machinery, construction equipment and faulty medical devices, and wages can be lost while tending a person’s medical condition. This loss of wages can seriously affect the individual and the family they support with their wages; however, there is no fee if no recovery is obtained by a lawyer, so there is no need to worry that the limited amount of resources will be spent to pay attorney fees while trying to recover because they will fight aggressively on the behalf of the individual to recover medical bills, lost wages as well as pain and suffering compensation. It only takes one phone call to a reputable personal injury attorney who is experienced with these types of cases. It’s important to focus on getting the injured individual well again after such a traumatic experience.

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