Injured in a Serious Trucking Accident? Trust an Accident Attorney to Represent You

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

There are more than 500,000 truck accidents each year, and these accidents can occur for a number of reasons. The truck driver falling asleep at the wheel, driving while intoxicated, or faulty manufacturing could all be possible reasons why the crash occurred. In most cases, the other party receives the brunt of the injuries, which can often be very serious or even fatal. The standard sized automobile is no match in a collision against a tractor-trailer, which are around fifty-three feet in length on average. If a truck accident has left you temporarily or permanently injured, an accident attorney Naples professional can provide excellent legal representation, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Not the Same as a Car Accident
There are some significant differences between truck and car accidents. First, the injuries are likely to be far more severe. In worst case scenarios, paralysis, serious burns, and even death may ensue. The second difference is the fact that truck drivers don’t normally carry individual insurance, but commercial insurance. In turn, different insurance policies govern truck accidents. It’s important to have an accident attorney who is familiar with commercial insurance, what role it plays in truck accidents, and how it will affect your settlement.

Determining Responsibility
In many cases, the responsibility for the accident lies with the truck driver. Drivers might fall asleep at the wheel trying to meet a deadline. Others may be driving while intoxicated. In some instances, the blame rests with the manufacturer. A part may not have been installed or repaired correctly and malfunctioned on the road. In cases where the cargo a tractor-trailer was carrying fell off of the truck, the shippers and loaders may be at fault for not loading the cargo properly. An experienced accident lawyer can help you get to the bottom of the cause of your accident, and will fight for your right to compensation.



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