Legal Advice From a Dog Bite Lawyer in Winnebago County, IL

There are approximately 84 million dogs in the United States. Most are wonderful creatures, but a percentage will bite. It is estimated that 1.5 percent of the dogs in the country bite someone each year. It is difficult to get accurate numbers because some dogs are responsible for multiple attacks and many bites are unreported. The problem is serious because it is the fifth most common reason for emergency room visits and results in 28,000 reconstructive surgeries each year. Every dog owner needs to be aware of their responsibility and potential liability if their dog misbehaves.

Rising Housing Costs

Dog owners of specific breeds often pay higher homeowners insurance rates or are refused coverage. Most insurance companies ask detailed information about pets and refuse claims if the animal was not reported to them when the policy began. Rental companies regularly refuse certain sizes or breeds of dogs and many require an additional pet deposit. Many leases state the owner is legally responsible for all of the actions of the pet.

Potential Legal Problems

One minor dog bite does not always require a Dog Bite Lawyer in Winnebago County IL. Owners need to provide the vaccination schedule of the pet and undergo a background check to ensure the dog has not been a problem in the past. In some situations, the victim has the legal right to sue the owner. The exception is when the first bite happens in an area covered by a “one-bite” law. Under this law, the owner is not legally liable for any expenses related to a single bite from a dog with no previous record of aggressive behavior.

Serious Legal Concerns

A Dog Bite Lawyer in Winnebago County IL is necessary for repeat events. Intentionally keeping a dangerous dog is a serious charge and is even more serious if the owner is considered negligent. Not containing a dog known to be dangerous is an illegal act. The legal issues could result in being forced to pay multiple times more than the actual expenses. The owner will usually lose the pet and could face criminal charges.

Dog bite incidents are an unhappy event for both sides. In some instances, the bite or attack may have been a justified act of protection. Everyone deserves representation and The Crosby Law Firm wants to help people on both sides of the issue. Contact them to arrange a consultation.