Neighbour Feuds Can Lead to the Need for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita, CA

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Attorney

Problems with neighbors can sometimes lead to people being accused of crimes. The need for a criminal defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA can be avoided if a person learns how to handle problem neighbors. There are some guidelines that should be followed to avoid trouble.


One way to avoid problems with neighbors is good communication. Part of good communication is being polite. Approaching a person and acting rude or angry won’t make a situation better. Even if the other individual is acting out, it’s important to remain calm and composed. Whatever the problems is should be calmly conveyed to the neighbor so that they understand.

What If Communication Doesn’t Work?

It’s important to understand that communication sometimes just doesn’t work, and a person has to know when it’s just useless to try to talk to a neighbor. For example, if a neighbor keeps playing loud music even though the issue has been brought up respectfully, it’s time to involve law enforcement. Any neighbor who is hostile when approached should be avoided. Cops should be relied on to handle any problems and can hand out fines for loud music.

Walking Away

For people in apartments, it can be hard to avoid problem neighbours. They might end up in an elevator together or passing each other in the hallway. If a neighbour is hostile and tries to start a physical confrontation, it’s best for a person to walk away. If the neighbour keeps up with the harassment, the police should be contacted. When there is a fight, both parties might be arrested and charged. Contact us for legal help.

Recording Problems

Having hard evidence can help get a person out of trouble. If a person records their neighbour bothering them and is then arrested because of a fight, the recording might prove that they were defending themselves. A criminal defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA can also use security camera footage to help their client if the video has something that proves innocence.

Unfortunately, some neighbour feuds lead to violence and people going to jail. A person might have to work hard to avoid trouble, but it can be done. Otherwise, an individual might get arrested and charged with a crime if the continuing problems lead to violence.

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