Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

by | Oct 28, 2011 | Law

Nursing home abuse is prevalent in many forms. All of which affects the patients emotionally, financially as well as physically. The various actions which define cases of nursing home abuse or neglect include the following:

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers


  • Any kind of unnecessary physical injury or pain, wrongful death result due to physical abuse.
  • Sexual abuse is another disturbing factor.
  • Intimidation or humiliation also causes mental trauma.
  • Negligence in providing proper nutrition, hygiene or hydration by the caretaker or concerned staff.
  • Absence of proper interaction and supervision also causes hindrance in the treatment or recovery.
  • Errors in medication.

However, in such circumstances you can always seek legal help. There are specialized nursing home abuse lawyers who can help you in filing a case against the negligent party. They will help you in receiving proper compensation for any loss incurred by you.

If you or your dear one is in a nursing home suffering such neglect, what are the possible problems which may arise? Some of the many problems which occur are listed below:

  • Physical or emotional damage is common and evident in such circumstances. Weight loss due to malnutrition or dehydration, depression, fractures, bruises, and anxiety are some of the signs of such neglect. These may later lead to severe problems and even death.
  • Bedsores and ulcers are common with patients suffering from poor hygiene and improper care. These cause pain, serious infection and further worsened situations.

Thus, as soon as you suspect neglectful behavior from the nursing home staff or medical practitioner, make sure you take the necessary action against it. Hire a nursing home abuse lawyer who can help you in understanding the various aspects of filing such a case.

It is necessary that you hire an experienced attorney to deal with your case. An experienced lawyer has the necessary negotiation skills, which will help in getting a positive outcome for your claims. When you hire a lawyer for yourself, make sure you gather information from certain reliable sources about the lawyer. You can discuss your needs for an attorney with your friends or acquaintances in case they have required such assistance recently. Search for specialized nursing home abuse lawyers on the internet. Nowadays, almost all reputable law firms have well designed websites which help you in understanding their services better. You can view their practice areas and attorney profiles. A thorough study of all such available details and other relevant information you gather will help you in selecting the right legal professional, suitable for your case.

Thus, to get proper justice and fair treatment for any sort of suffering in a nursing home facility, do not delay in consulting an expert nursing home abuse lawyer.  Pittsburgh is home to more than a few well known law firms.

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