Paperwork to Gather for Your Personal Injury Attorney Lake Charles

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Personal Injury

Injuries sustained in an accident should always be the top priority of the victim and his or her family. While caring for the injured parties though, loved ones should take care to gather any and all information that can be used to obtain reimbursement for the injuries and any pain and suffering the victim experiences. The sooner this information can be gathered and the more information that is provided to the, the sooner compensation will be received. Here are the important things to collect for the legal case.

The first thing to be collected for the personal injury lawsuit is your name, driver’s license number and your car insurance policy number. The date, time and location must be noted along with the weather conditions at the time of the accident. The name, driver’s license number and car insurance company of the other party or parties should be collected along with information related to any passengers in the other cars and any witnesses at the scene. The police report should be requested along with any accident reports and copies of traffic tickets issued to drivers involved in the accident.

Medical attention should be sought immediately after the accident. The doctor needs to know that you were involved in a car accident and he or she should take x-rays and images of areas that were injured. If you have prior images of these areas, request those also so your Personal Injury Attorney Lake Charles can see any changes between these images and the extent of the injuries from the accident. The more the attorney receives from you, the less he or she will have to search out on their own so the case moves forward more rapidly.

The physician’s report, copies of medical bills and expenses for treatment that continues need to be shared with the attorney. He or she needs documentation of any days lost from work and any lost wages along with any correspondence between the victim and the insurance company.

The attorney may choose to do some of this legwork. Some prefer to visit the accident scene and take their own pictures. Many do their own interviews. Your attorney understands what is needed to properly prove your case. Help wherever possible to move your case forward.


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