Pay For Euless Bail Bonds With Credit Today & Get Out of Jail in No time

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Bail Bonds

Finding providers of Euless bail bonds is easy, but paying for a bond seems a bit challenging and confusing. It needn’t be. Around-the-clock service and same day appointments let you or a loved one consult with an agent at any time, and payment options are flexible as well as diverse.

Put it On a Credit Card

In Texas, the bond premium is only 10 percent of whatever full bail amount the court sets. The 10 percent premium is actually the cost of the bond agent’s fee, which cannot be refunded. Putting your bond premium on a major credit card settles the debt upfront, leaving you to pay for the expense over time as you address your credit card balance.

The credit card in question can be yours, a friend’s or a family member’s. Other payment options may be available, so be sure to ask the bond agent during your consultation.

A Note on Collateral

Collateral is a pledge of repayment the agent may ask you for before the purchase of Euless bail bonds. It assures the agent that he/she can recoup payment if you do not successfully complete your initial court appearance. The agent always returns your collateral to you after posting your bail in the form of a bond. Types of acceptable collateral vary between agents, so contact us today for specifics.

Our Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds team encourages you to contact us today at, where we can supply details, advice and forms to get Euless bail bonds quickly and painlessly.

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