Personal Injury Cases Involving Diesel Fumes

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Attorney

Diesel fumes account for an alarming proportion of lung cancers, and the American Cancer Society has determined that diesel fumes are a known carcinogen to humans. Diesel exhaust and vapors are found in many areas, and everyone is exposed to them to a certain extent. But if railroad and diesel industry leaders do not follow the regulations regarding exhaust exposure, they may be liable for damages.

If you are looking for a railroad cancer law firm, you may be able to find legal guidance with Diesel Injury Law, also known as Hughes Law Offices in Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in fighting for workers who have been sickened by exhaust fumes from diesel while working on a railroad, trucking, mining, construction, or any profession that has put them in harm’s way.

Legally, railroad cancer law firms deal with either wrongful death cases where the person has died as a result, and the family is suing for damages or other personal injury cases involving illness or sickness that far supersedes what workers’ compensation would ever be able to cover.

Cases of Negligence

Companies should protect their workers from damaging exposure such as welding fumes, asbestos, or other products that contain benzene and other harmful chemicals. When they don’t, you may need legal assistance to pay for medical expenses and loss of life or ability to make a living at your profession.

You can view the many verdicts of cases that Diesel Injury Law Firm has worked on at their main site and call them for an initial consultation. Phone 312-877-5588 for more information and to see if you have a case of personal injury due to negligence.

Our goal is to help win compensation for our clients for wrongful death or injury due to exposure. Visit us today our webiste and learn more.

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