Protect Family Rights With a Child Custody Lawyer in Warren NJ

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Lawyers

Learn about the different types of custody cases. A joint custody helps a child who wants to bond with both parents. A sole custody parent is allowed total control of a child. A child in shared custody is allowed to share time equally with each parent. The judge considers several factors when choosing the right guardian. If a parent is too young or unfit to be responsible, custody is given to a relative or grandparent. Factors include the child’s age, personal preferences and feelings toward the parent. The judge reviews the parent’s occupation, income and criminal background. Lifestyle and living conditions are additional factors. A history of drug abuse is a setback, but it does not ruin a parent’s chance of winning custody.

A child custody lawyer helps you learn the most complicated details of custody laws. The lawyer works with you to prepare a solid case that has serious, long-term effects. Finding witnesses and collecting documents are tasks that could take years. Take the issue of child custody seriously, and contact a qualified Child Custody Lawyer in Warren NJ.

There are custody rules that are designed for special parental situations. A custody fight becomes even more troublesome if the parents are unmarried or newly single. A very complicated case involves a paternal father who cuts the child off completely. In any situation, the court considers the best interests of the child. Even if a mother is single and struggling, she may receive custody if the father is found to be unfit.

After a child custody case fails, the next step is to get visitation rights. The family lawyer set ups an agreement that allows a parent to visit the child regularly. The grandparents can file to receive visitation rights if they suspect child endangerment. A judge will approve these rights if the visits are beneficial for the child.

Each state has different ways of treating a child custody lawsuit. Each court and judge has individual ways to carrying out justice. A lawyer is available to guide you through the legal process from start to finish. Using an experienced provider is the way to get the most desired results.

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