Reasons to Consult an Elder Law Attorney in Henderson, NV

As people grow old, legal concerns arise based on their health, economic situation, and need for protection. Elderly people and their families or caretakers often decide to consult an attorney to get essential information. Consider some of the top reasons for scheduling an appointment with an elder law attorney in Henderson, NV.

Offer Protection for a Spouse

Hardly anybody plans on becoming ill or disabled, but the chances of those outcomes increase as a person ages. If a person goes into a nursing home, the remaining spouse might struggle to cover necessary living expenses. An attorney helps people transfer or protect assets to help them maintain their usual standard of living.

Prepare a Will

If a person dies without a will, the probate process becomes more complicated. An attorney can help older people create a will that reflects their concerns and preferences. The goal is to ensure people are cared for when the person becomes ill or dies.

Estate Planning

With blended families and extended families, estate planning becomes more complex. An attorney helps elders include and omit people from their estate plans. Having wills and trusts also gives elders essential peace of mind.

Trusts and Guardianship

An elder law attorney can discuss legal possibilities for clients, such as trusts and guardianships. An attorney can manage trusts and the related finances per the current laws. Guardianships may be established for elders who are no longer able to take care of their affairs.

Gain Access to Benefits

People work hard throughout their lives and are often entitled to specific benefits as they age. An attorney can help elders gain access to benefits that help them be more comfortable. Benefits may include Medicaid, Veterans benefits, pensions, and more.

Administrating an Estate

Whether a person died with or without a will, an attorney can help with probate and estate administration. After a loss, loved ones can become confused and overwhelmed with the financial aspects of their loss. An attorney can provide useful advice during this challenging time.

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