Relying on the Counsel of a Maine Attorney Before Applying for VA Benefits

As a military member, you might have assumed that you could get access to benefits like disability payments easier than a civilian. However, these funds are guarded just as securely as those that are set aside for private citizens. Military members are not necessarily given preferential treatment when these benefits are awarded.

Before you apply for military disability benefits, you need to understand under what circumstances that these funds are paid. The attorneys for veterans benefits can provide you with a clear idea of whether or not that you have a valid case and what you can anticipate if you apply for these payments.

Qualifying Circumstances

Much like Social Security disability that is awarded to qualifying citizens, the VA disability benefits are reserved for people who have legitimate illnesses or injuries that prevent them from going back to work. The condition that you suffer from has to be so dire that it keeps you from earning a viable income for yourself and your household. It also has to pose a risk to your mortality to some degree.

With that, the attorneys for veterans benefits will tell you that these benefits are most often given to people who suffer from blindness, terminal cancer, amputations, and other serious impairments. They are not necessarily given to people who suffer from depression or anxiety or treatable physical conditions like migraines.

Application Process

Your attorney will also advise you that the application process can be lengthy and tedious. You must commit to spending months if not a year or more pursuing your case. You also have to agree to submit to extensive medical testing to determine your overall fitness for working and earning an income.

You can learn more about applying for VA benefits online. Contact an available attorney by calling Jackson & MacNichol.