Representing Texas Property Owners in Land Condemnation Cases

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Texas residents value the property. Whether it’s something they’ve acquired to use as an investment, to build their home on, or to operate their business, it’s valuable to them. No one cares more about the land than the property owner. This is why it can be frustrating and overwhelming when the state or another governmental entity threatens to take a person’s property or even a part of it. A land condemnation attorney in Texas can help their clients understand their legal rights and fight for them. The truth is that under eminent domain, the government has the power and the right to take private property under certain circumstances. They have the right to control how much of it they will take and when they will take it. However, a land condemnation attorney in Texas helps their clients understand that the property owner has a say when it comes to how much the government has to pay. They have the right to contest the offer made by the government and fight to recover full compensation for the land, not just the market value. They may also have the right to be paid for the decreased market value of what they are left with after a portion of their land is taken. When a private property owner has to go up against the government on their own, they easily feel overwhelmed. They may not thoroughly understand the eminent domain laws and feel that they have no choice but to accept the offer being presented to them by the government. See how the attorneys at Gattis Law Firm, PC are helping their clients get fair compensation in cases of eminent domain when you visit the website

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