Reviewing Circumstances With A Rape Defense Attorney In Athens, TN

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Lawyers

In Tennessee, sexual assault is a heinous crime that often leads to PTSD for victims. Unfortunately, the rightful defendant isn’t convicted or identified in the cases always. A Rape Defense Attorney in Athens TN could provide a viable defense for individuals accused of sexual assault.

A Lack of DNA Evidence

The most vital evidence involved in a rape case is DNA evidence. After a victim is raped, law enforcement encourages them to undergo a physical examination at a hospital or medical facility. A rape kit is acquired to collect DNA evidence. The evidence is used to generate a positive match and is often the centerpiece of the prosecutor’s case.

Mistaken Identity of the Defendant

Mistaken identity is also possible in a rape case. If a defendant and the real perpetrator look similar, it is easy for a victim to identify the wrong individual. The circumstances of the case must show that the identified individual was on the scene and sexually assaulted the victim. However, if video surveillance footage shows a different individual, the defendant could avoid a conviction by utilizing the footage as a defense.

A Clear Alibi

Witness testimony could place the defendant in another location at the time of the crime. Timestamps from stores on credit card receipts could also provide evidence of an alibi. The defendant must prove that they were in the location they identified during questioning to avoid a conviction.

An Inability to Commit the Crime

Men who are charged with rape could use a different approach to avoiding a conviction. A man that has been declared impotent by their doctor could present medical evidence of their condition. If the impotence isn’t treatable by medication such as Viagra or Calais, the defendant presents an inability to commit the crime.

In Tennessee, sexual assault is a malicious crime that could lead to life-changing effects for the victim and the accused. Victims of sexual assault often develop a post-traumatic stress disorder. The condition could lead to difficulties in their relationships. Individuals who are convicted of sexually-based crimes must register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. Defendants who need assistance from a Rape Defense Attorney in Athens TN are encouraged to contact Chancey-Kanavos or Click here right now.

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