Reviewing Laws And Requirements With A Divorce Attorney In Charlotte NC

North Carolina couples need clear assistance when filing for a divorce. With legal assistance, they follow the local divorce laws and avoid unnecessary delays. These opportunities could help them dissolve their marriage quickly and without major difficulties. A Divorce Attorney Charlotte NC, provides legal assistance to divorcing couples.

What are the Residency Requirements?

Currently, the state of North Carolina requires, at a minimum, one of the parties becomes a resident of the state. They must establish residency for at least one year. While both parties don’t have to become residents, the divorce proceedings cannot occur in the state without the establishment of residency by at least one party.

Adultery as a Divorce Ground

Adultery is a fault-based ground that requires evidence to support the claim. Since adultery could entitle a spouse to more extensive property awards, they must have clear evidence showing a romantic relationship between their spouse and another individual. This could include phone records, emails, instant messages, or text messages. Photographs are also acceptable forms of evidence. Without evidence, the petitioner must acquire a sworn statement from the defendant accepting liability for the breakup of the marriage.

Institutionalization and Imprisonment

These grounds require the identified condition to exist for a certain period of time. With institutionalization as a ground, the spouse must be admitted into a mental facilities for at least two years. To claim imprisonment as a ground, the petitioner must prove that their spouse has been detained for at least eighteen months. A Divorce Attorney Charlotte NC, helps petitioners with these requirements. Visit here to know more.

The Benefits of a Legal Separation

A legal separation isn’t the same as a divorce. The couple remains married, but they have the opportunity to live separate lives. When the couple decides to divorce, they could use the same agreement and achieve a divorce quickly.

North Carolina couples acquire the help they need to complete the divorce process through local attorneys. The process may require more complex measures to complete the process based on the chosen grounds. In some instances, additional evidence is required to support the petitioner’s claim. Anyone needing to hire a Divorce Attorney Charlotte NC, should contact Conrad Trosch & Kemmy for more information today.