Searching for Bail Bonds near Me When a Loved One Has Been Arrested and Needs Help

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Bail Bonds

There are many nonviolent crimes for which people are still required to pay bail for release from jail after arrest. This is the case even when it seems obvious they are not a threat to the public and have never been arrested before. If they don’t have enough money to pay bail, they have the option of asking a relative or friend to search for the phrase “bail bonds near me” on the Internet. This person then can arrange for the service to post a bond for release from jail.

Bonds vs. Cash Bail

The bond costs a specified percentage of the bail amount and is nonrefundable. In contrast, bail is refundable if the defendant appears at all court appointments. Many defendants simply cannot afford the high cost of bail, so they need to find a bonds service or stay in jail.

Examples of Nonviolent Crimes

Examples of nonviolent crimes that may require bail for release include drug possession, prostitution, soliciting a prostitute and resisting arrest during a protest demonstration. These crimes technically do not have negative effects on other people or cause damage to property, yet the offenses may result in being incarcerated until cash bail is paid or a bond is posted.

Responsibility for the Fee

A quick search for the phrase Bail Bonds Near Me along with the person’s location turns up licensed services where someone can acquire a bond to get the loved one out of jail. That person will be responsible for paying the fee, so they will need to learn whether the defendant can pay back the money quickly. Otherwise, it will turn into a loan or a gift. Another crucial consideration is whether the defendant is trustworthy enough not to run away.

When Getting Out Feels Imperative

When someone has been arrested and incarcerated, it may seem imperative to get out as soon as possible. People cannot miss work and many have family obligations. Especially if this individual wants to defend innocence in court, waiting for trial can take months. Acquiring assistance from a company such as 24 Hour ASAP Bail Bonds is paramount. Visit to get started.

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