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If you lost your driver’s license due to driving while you were impaired or committing another type of crime, you may want to seek the advice of an administrative hearings Chicago professional. They understand the difficulty that you face if you don’t have your license. It can stop you from being able to get to work, and it may even mean that you will lose your job. By having this type of professional by your side, you’ll be able to utilize their expertise, experience and knowledge.

When Your Driver’s License Is Suspended

You may have your driver’s license suspended if you have committed these type of offenses:

– Uninsured motorist: License suspension can occur if you are at fault for a crash when you are uninsured
– Refusing a drug or alcohol test: Refusing a drug or breathalyzer test
– Traffic violations: Being convicted of three traffic violations within a 12 month period.

When Your Driver’s License Is Revoked

Your driver’s license can be revoked if you have committed the following types of offenses:

– DUI: Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
– Drag racing: Illegally competing in a race with another motor vehicle
– Reckless conduct: Committing reckless behavior that involved a vehicle, which led to injury to another person
– Felony offense: Using a vehicle while committing a crime

To get your driver’s license back, you will have to wait for a period of one year before you can apply for the renewal of your driving privileges.

Experience And Knowledge

If you have had your driving privileges taken away and are seeking relief, it’s probably best to obtain the help of an administrative hearings Chicago professional. This type of attorney has the ability to represent you at the administrative hearings. They understand how to handle filings, meet deadlines and can personally assist you at the administrative hearings so that you have a better chance of regaining your privileges to drive.

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