Services Offered by Truck Accident Lawyers in Athens, AL.

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Accident Lawyer

Truck accident lawyers deal with cases involving a big truck, such as an 18-wheeler (semi-truck) or a dump truck. If one of these large vehicles is involved in an accident the truck accident lawyer in Athens, AL. will represent the driver who claims he is the victim. In the majority of cases the accident does not involve two big trucks; the accident involves one big truck and an automobile.

Accidents involving a large truck and a car are quite different than accidents where there are two cars involved. As there is a significant difference in the size of the two vehicles, the car usually suffers a more damage and the driver of the car often suffers worse injuries. One of the primary roles of a truck accident lawyer is to ensure that the victims claim is properly valued by the insurance adjusters.

One of the big problems a truck accident lawyer has is the insurance company that is primarily liable for the accident. This may sound strange but the insurance coverage on large trucks is not necessarily as straight forward as it is with a car. Large trucks may have several insurance companies involved, each providing a different type of insurance. The driver may also have a personal liability policy that has been taken out with one company while the tractor may be insured by another company and the trailer by yet another.

Because of these complexities, it is necessary for the truck accident lawyer to gather all the evidence to prove the claim of their client. Much of the needed information is easy to obtain, such as the police report, but the information that is needed for the various insurance companies may be much more difficult to come by. When the necessary evidence is obtained, it becomes necessary to use the evidence properly for it to be effective. It often becomes necessary to obtain the services of experts who can draw the right conclusions from the evidence.

If the insurance companies deny responsibility it will be necessary for the truck accident lawyer in Athens, AL. to take the matter to court. When the case is taken to trial the lawyer must be ready to develop a strategy that will support the client’s case and undermine the case of the defense. Visit Latham Moffatt, P.C. Attorneys at Law for more information.



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