Starting A Claim With Truck Accident Attorneys In Southern Maryland

In Maryland, 18-wheeler accidents occur frequently and often lead to serious if not life-threatening injuries. Exhausted or impaired driving is among the top causes of the accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforces strict regulations pertaining to the vehicles and their drivers. Local truck accident attorneys in Southern Maryland assist victims who didn’t receive compensation through insurance claims.

Details from the Investigation

After all 18-wheeler accidents, an investigation is conducted to determine who is at fault and if any other factors applied. Too many probabilities apply to the accidents as compared to standard auto accidents. Further details are often needed before the investigation is concluded. Once a determination is rendered, victims can acquire a report from their local highway patrol office.

The Condition of the Commercial Driver

The condition of the commercial driver is vital to the case. All commercial drivers are tested for alcohol and any controlled substances per the trucking company’s safety policy. Highway patrol uses a breathalyzer to determine if the driver is guilty of a DUI. Any driver who fails the screening faces a possible conviction and termination of their employment.

The Victim’s Injuries

All medical records pertaining to the victim’s injuries must be presented to the court with the claim. Any additional losses that sustained due to the accident are added to the claim, too. Auto repair estimates and details about lost wages are common documents require in the claims.

Possible Case Expectations

If the victim wins, the at-fault driver must pay them economic damages to replace their losses. Some courts might award tort-based damages due to pain and suffering. If the victim’s injuries are permanent, a more profound settlement is possible. Disabilities and disfigurements are common injuries that require a higher payout.

In Maryland, trucking accidents occur most frequently due to exhausted driving. The laws prohibit drivers to operate their vehicles for longer than 14 hours without a proper resting period. The standard is at least an eight-hour resting period. A failure to comply is a violation of federal laws. Victims of the accidents who need to hire truck accident attorneys in Southern Maryland contact Business Name for more details now.