The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney Tucson, AZ

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Attorney

If you become disabled during your working career, you may qualify for social security disability. Since the laws and procedures can be complex, hiring a competent Social Security Disability Attorney Tucson, AZ is suggested. While you could represent yourself, you may come across a few issues. This is where a lawyer would be beneficial to help you through them and make the process go smoother. Lawyers know all the needed paperwork you must file and they stay current on changing laws.

Denials are another reason to hire an attorney. Applicants get denied in 70% of cases. If your case is denied, they can tell you how to appeal your case. Many applicants are rejected simply because they do not have a legal representative to guide them. They do not know how to answer the questions in court. A skilled attorney knows how you should answer the questions and how to work with judges.

Applying for social security disability involves seeing doctors and documenting evidence. It can take months to around two years before enough medical evidence is gathered to approve your claim. This is to make certain your condition is permanent. Lawyers know how to analyze medical records and use the strongest evidence in court.

If you are concerned about the costs of hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney Tucson, AZ, SSD lawyers work on contingency. In other words, you don’t pay until you win. The lawyer gets a percentage of all the back pay from the time you started your claim. The government regulates the amount attorneys can charge for services.

Before you get started with your claim, you need to find a skilled attorney. Referrals can come from friends and family who have previously filed claims. The best way to narrow your search is by doing a background check. This will reveal if the attorney has any complaints filed against them. If you do everything correctly, you will start drawing social security disability benefits in the shortest time possible. Slepian Smith, PLLC, a Social Security Disability Attorney in Tucson, AZ, can ensure you are doing everything correctly.

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