The Choice to Use a Bail Bonds Service in Milford CT

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Bail Bonds

A family member or friend of someone who has been arrested may want to pay the bail to help the arrested person be released from jail. Before making any decision, they will want to consider whether they want to obtain a bond through a bail bonds service in Milford CT. There are a few things to think about when they’re making this decision.

The Amount of the Bail

The amount of the bail is often going to be a deciding factor. If the bail amount is small enough, it’s possible for a family member or friend to simply pay the full amount. However, often the bail is a larger amount the family member or friend cannot afford to pay in full. In these cases, obtaining a bond is necessary if they want to help the arrested person.

Whether the Arrested Person Can Afford a Lawyer

If the arrested person cannot afford a lawyer on their own, the money spent on the bail might be better spent on a lawyer. In these cases, the family member or friend can obtain a bond to help the person be released, then use the remaining funds to help the arrested person hire a lawyer. This will help them try to obtain a far better outcome for their case and the lawyer might be a better investment in the long run compared to paying the bail in full.

The Terms of a Bond

The terms of a bond should be carefully considered before deciding a bond is the right option. If the arrested person will follow the terms of the bond, it’s typically a safe choice to obtain a bond. However, if the arrested person may decide to skip their hearings or ignore other terms of the bond, it means the person who obtained the bond will lose their collateral or be required to repay the bond in full. In these cases, another option might be better.

If you’d like to help a family member or friend be released from jail, consider whether you’d rather pay the bail amount or secure a bond through a Bail Bonds Service in Milford CT. Click here to learn more about securing a bond and why this might be a better option.

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