The Link Between Stomach Cancer and Diesel Exhaust; Call a Lawyer

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

According to the World Health Organization, diesel exhaust belongs in the same category as asbestos when discussing cancer-causing agents. The fumes are highly toxic and can affect a person’s health immediately. Many types of cancers have been related to exhaust fume exposure. They are highlighted below.

Gastric Cancer

Stomach cancer is one of the top illness related to the exposure of diesel exhaust fumes. Diesel injury lawyers often see their clients suffering from this type of cancer. If it’s not treated, the cancer can be deadly.

Researchers have found that men and women who work around diesel fumes are more likely to see an increased probability of getting stomach cancer. Health screenings are a must in situations like these.

Lung Cancer

As you breathe in the toxic fumes, particles can get trapped or lodged in your airways and lungs. The particles may start to mutate your healthy cells, creating a prime environment for cancer. Those at highest risk have been exposed to the deadly fumes for years and even decades.

Railroad workers, truck drivers, and coal miners are thought to be some of the highest-risk demographics for developing lung cancer. The prolonged exposure to the gas and soot can wreak havoc to your body and irreversibly affect your health.

Throat Cancer

Throat cancer is also seen in the occupations listed above. Like the lungs, it is easy for particulates to get lodged in the throat and change your body’s chemistry. If not caught in time, this cancer can spread and cause death.

After extensive research, the World Health Organization now declares there is a proven link between the exposure of diesel exhaust and cancer. If you are a worker in an occupation that directly exposes you to these fumes, know your rights and stay on top of your health.

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