The Merits of Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Bowie to Help Victims Get Justice

by | May 29, 2020 | Accident Lawyer, Lawyers

The moment a car accident occurs is one of the most harrowing life experiences a driver may ever have. Unfortunately, if the accident resulted in an injury, the horror is rarely over once the victim and the other drivers return home; in fact, there may be a whole world of trouble waiting for the victim. Getting the vehicle fixed (or getting a new one) will be the least of their worries, as the victim will have to figure out how to obtain and pay for medical care or make up for wages lost due to missed days at work. In order to help cover these expenses, victims do have the option of bringing a lawsuit against the other party involved in an accident; however, no driver should even consider doing this unless they have help from a qualified attorney. Keep reading to find out why an attorney is necessary in these cases.

* The first thing a driver needs to do if they have been injured in a car accident is to seek medical attention. One important way that an accident lawyer in Bowie can help in this situation is to assist the victim with taking advantage of first-party coverages. In some cases, when victims use their health insurance to pay for care from accident-related injuries, they may have to pay some of the money back to their healthcare insurer. An attorney can often use the law in the victim’s favor to help reduce or eliminate these liens.

* Accident attorneys tend to be excellent at negotiation. Insurance adjusters often show little respect for victims and do their best to avoid paying them a fair settlement in order to save the insurance company money, but having an attorney helps to save the victim from having to negotiate with powerful insurance companies. Instead, it puts this responsibility in the hands of an accident lawyer in Bowie, who knows how much the case is worth and will fight to make sure that the victim gets what they deserve.

Being in a car accident can be scary, but not knowing where the money will come from for medical treatment and lost wages after an injury can be even worse. Get in touch with the attorneys at Jaklitsch Law Group to find out how they may be able to help victims get a good outcome from such a terrible situation.

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