The Right to Remain Silent and Arrests in Salisbury, MD

Most people are completely unaware of their rights and what they can and cannot do once they’re arrested. Though many people have heard the Miranda rights on TV and in movies, they may be unsure of what the rights mean exactly, and when they are entitled to these rights as they’re being questioned by the police. By knowing their rights, people can help mitigate some of the trouble that can occur when they’re arrested.

The most important rights for a person to understand are the first two listed in a Miranda warning. Anyone who is being arrested has the right to remain silent and the right to legal representation. The right to remain silent is often one of the most confusing rights, simply because people may not know which questions to answer and which ones to refuse to answer. The person will need to answer basic questions like their name and age. Answering these questions, without volunteering any other information, can show the police the person is cooperating, but still upholding their right to legal representation before questioning.

Lawyers recommend a person never volunteer information other than their name, age, and address. Anything they say that’s even remotely related to the reason they’re being arrested may end up being used against them. For example, the officer may ask if they know why they’re being arrested. If they start shouting they didn’t know how the drugs got in the car, but the officer hasn’t even said anything about drugs in the car, they just let the officer know they did realize there were drugs in the car. The officer may be arresting them for something else and hadn’t found the drugs yet.

After any arrests in Salisbury, MD, the person also has the right to legal representation. If they meet the income requirements, they may be eligible for a public defender. Whether they work with a public defender or hire their own lawyer to help with their arrest in Salisbury, MD, they’ll need to ensure they say as little as possible before consulting with their lawyer. After they hire a lawyer like Marc A. Zeve, PA, the lawyer will help them answer any questions without worrying about implicating themselves.