Tips to Consider while Working With a Car Accident Attorney

The time following an auto accident is typically a devastating one where victims deal with long-term injury and the loss of loved ones. During such a time, you may have a few questions and no good answers. Below are a few errors to avoid before working with a car accident attorney in Charlotte.

Not Notifying the Authorities

After an auto accident, one of your first steps should be to call the police. In most instances, officers will come to the accident scene and create a report. After the investigation, the police may determine who caused the accident, and that information will be included. Although police don’t determine fault for the purposes of civil liability, their judgment is important in determining how an accident occurred.

Not Reporting the Incident to the Insurance Company

Sometimes, victims are tempted to settle these claims without calling the insurance company. However, accepting payment for your losses isn’t a good idea. Other drivers don’t always follow through, and damage or injury can worsen with time. A seemingly minor injury can quickly turn into a major, expensive issue. Therefore, you shouldn’t accept payment without consulting a car accident attorney in Charlotte.

Not Seeking Medical Help

When an accident happens, you may believe you’re not hurt. However, injuries often take time to fully manifest themselves. Internal bleeding, brain injuries, and other damage might not have immediate symptoms, but they can be life-threatening when not promptly treated. With a proper medical evaluation, you can protect your health and your legal rights.

These are just some of the numerous mistakes to be avoided after an auto accident. Most people don’t know how to handle an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit because it’s not something they do every day. However, a car accident attorney in Charlotte knows the process, and they use their knowledge of the law to help you achieve a favorable outcome. Visit Hunter & Everage Law Firm PLLC to request a free, no-obligation consultation with an auto accident attorney.