Top Facts About Bail Bonds in Fort Worth

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Being in a position of needing bail can obviously be a very stressful time. Therefore, it is crucial that someone has all of the knowledge they can before they engage in a transaction regarding bail. Here are some brief facts about if to further that knowledge.


The amount of bail is not negotiable by the bail bondsman. All bail amounts are determined by the court, and the from only acts to pay the amount of that bail on behalf of the defendant. They will know certain aspects of the law since this is their business but, once the bail has been set, it cannot be changed unless a lawyer files suit on behalf of their client.

Loss Of Collateral

It is definitely possible to lose the collateral that was put up in the agreement with the bail bondsman. While someone offering Bail Bonds in Fort Worth must release the collateral if all conditions of bail have been met, if the defendant happens to break the rules set forth by the court, the full amount of bail will be forfeited. In return, the bondsman may lose their money, but they will keep the collateral the defendant agreed to. This can then either be sold to recoup the financial losses or kept for personal or business use at the discretion of the bondsman.

State & Federal

There are different rules regarding bail depending on whether the crime is at the state level or the federal level. Federal crimes are usually much more serious than crimes charged at the state level and may require more stringent rules to be followed. Also, some crimes will not be eligible for bail. Crimes such as murder or severe financial crimes may pose a significant risk of flight by the defendant and be automatically ineligible for the privilege of Bail Bonds in Fort Worth.

If someone is in need of Quick Jail Release, they need to contact a reputable bail bond company as soon as possible after learning what the bail amount is. If they are not able to call directly, their lawyer or a family member can do it for them.

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