Was a Loved One Arrested During the Night? Look Into a 24 Hour Bail Bond Service in Kingston NY

If a loved one has been arrested, a bail bond is an easy way to help them through this. The bond makes it easier to afford to pay the bail so they can be arrested. Learn more about working with a 24 hour bail bond service in Kingston NY and how they can help now.

Don’t Wait for the Next Business Day

Arrests can happen any time, day or night. When a loved one is arrested, their family will want to help them be released as fast as possible, which means they won’t want to wait for the next business day, especially if the arrest happens on a Friday night. Instead, the family members can visit a 24-hour bail bond no matter the time of day or day of the week to get help.

Look into Deposits and Collateral

The one who is obtaining the bail bond for their loved one will need to secure it with a deposit or collateral. They should work with a bail bond company that provides plenty of options so the bond can be secured as fast as possible. The deposit will generally be around 10% and the company should accept cash, checks, credit cards, money orders, and other payment methods. The collateral will need to be valued at more than the full bail amount and the company should accept different types of collateral.

Ensure the Release is as Fast as Possible

Once the bail bond is secured, the bonding company should work to ensure the arrested person is released as fast as possible. They should pay the bail right way to minimize the wait time. If the jail is busy at the time, it may take longer for the arrested person to be released because the jail still needs to process the payment. The faster the bail bond company pays the bail, however, the faster the arrested person can be released.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested, look into using a 24 hour bail bond service in Kingston NY so you can help them be released as fast as possible. Learn more about us or stop by in person to secure a bail bond and help your loved one.