We Fight for Your Rights

When you get injured on the job, you expect to receive workers’ compensation. If your employer argues or fights your application, it is critical that you have a workers’ compensation lawyer in Orange on your side. Workers’ compensation lawyers represent you and your rights as an employee. Employers are often tempted to fight a workers’ compensation case in order to save money and protect their bottom lines. We are here to represent you and protect your rights under the law.

Employers have certain obligations related to workers’ compensation. If your employer failed to maintain a safe work environment, and their failure to maintain the premises caused your injury, you may be owed workers’ compensation. Your employer might also be subject to fines under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration codes for failure to maintain a safe work environment.

Safe work environments include many aspects of the facility. From ensuring that machines are in good condition to making sure that the floors are safe to walk on, your employer has a lot of responsibility. Something as simple as failing to put a wet floor sign up could result in your employer’s liability for your injury and your right to be compensated. An injury could cause you to lose income from working. At the same time, your medical bills pile up. We aim to represent you and get your deserved workers’ compensation.

When you are in need of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Orange, contact us at The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen. We listen to your situation and let you know if we can represent you in your fight to get workers’ compensation benefits. Give us a call today in order to schedule a consultation or visit us online at Website.com for additional details about our lawyers and legal services.