What Can Divorce Mediation in La Grange Accomplish?

When a marriage cannot continue, there is the need to make a number of hard decisions. These include decisions about how to divide the assets owned by the couple, arrive at arrangements for child custody, and a number of other matters. One approach is to consider Divorce Mediation in La Grange as a way of arriving at some of those decisions. Here are some examples of why this approach can work very well. The Couple Maintains More ControlIt is important to realize that Divorce Mediation in La Grange is a voluntary process that involves the couple sitting down with a mediator.

During the sessions, different questions are raised about what do to with joint assets, how to make sure the children are taken care of properly, and in general how to work out as many details as possible in advance. The benefit of this approach is that it is possible to approach the court with a plan of action that is already agreed upon by the two parties. Assuming that the terms are in line with any laws that apply in the local jurisdiction, the court will simply approve the action. By contrast, an acrimonious divorce action that involves filing charges at one another places most of the control over the terms in the hands of the court.

The Cost FactorDivorce Mediation in La Grange helps to eliminate much of the expense involved with getting a divorce. That means more of the assets owned by both parties can be used to help them begin building new lives. In the best case scenario, there is only the one professional to pay rather than paying two lawyers.

The Divorce Petition is Ready to File Much Faster A more traditional approach calls for numerous meetings with attorneys, and a lot of back and forth communications that require a great deal of time and energy. By contrast, Divorce Mediation in La Grange is a streamlined and more direct approach. The result is that everything is settled in a shorter period of time, the divorce petition can be filed without a lot of fuss, and both parties will be free to go their separate ways in less time.