What Can Go Wrong with a Bail Bond in Gloversville, NY?

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Bail Bonds

There are things that can go wrong with a bail bond in Gloversville, NY. It’s important for defendants who are out on bail and their loved ones to know what can happen. Some defendants who don’t know the rules governing bail end up making mistakes that land them back in custody.

Making the Court Dates

Part of having a bail bond in Gloversville, NY is making the scheduled court dates. If the court doesn’t have a defendant’s address, there could be confusion as to when court appearances are scheduled. The court doesn’t care if the wrong address is where important information was mailed. It’s up to the defendant to make sure they provide the right contact information to the court. Defendants can easily keep up with court dates by communicating with their lawyers.

What If a Court Date Is Missed?

If a court date is missed, it’s important for the defendant to get in touch with the court right away. They will have to explain their absence. Some excuses are valid. What if a person was driving to court and their car broke down? What if a defendant fell ill and had to be hospitalized? There are legitimate reasons for missing court appearances. There are also excuses that the court won’t accept. A defendant isn’t going to get far if they overslept and missed court. Missing a court date could result in a revoked bail. Schedule an appointment to find out more about bail.

Violating the Rules of a Release

A defendant has to be clear about their release rules. Rules might be specific to the case. For example, if a defendant has a domestic violence case or another type of assault case, they will have to avoid any contact with the alleged victim in the case. Alcohol might have to be avoided too. In some cases, defendants are drug tested while they are out on bail. Conditions can vary from case to case.

Defendants need to pay close attention to their bail conditions if they wish to remain free. Fortunately, understanding the rules of bail isn’t that complicated and lawyers can help.

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