What Do Business Litigation Lawyers Do?

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The services of business litigation lawyers in Chicago are engaged by companies, corporations or any type of business entity that becomes involved in litigation. Litigation involves seeing a case through the judicial process; it is most often used in civil actions. In litigation there are two parties; the one that brings the charges is the plaintiff while the one that is charged is the defendant. Business litigation lawyers can and do work for either the plaintiff or the defendant in a civil lawsuit. There are many civil actions that a company can find itself involved in; anything from an employee that feels they were terminated without cause to a breach of contract dispute between the firm and a supplier of goods. Many large corporations have in-house council but as smaller companies do not have ongoing issues they turn to business litigation lawyers in Chicago that work for independent law firms.

Litigators are hired by clients who either wish to sue a business entity or a business entity that is being sued. In the event the lawyers are charged with representing a plaintiff, the lawyers file the lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit includes writing a brief that explains in detail the facts as the client sees them, the brief is required by the court and not only includes the supposed facts but deals with the law or laws that support the plaintiffs right to recovery, case law as well as any precedent that shows why recovery and damages are fitting.

Let’s look at a typical example. A company may feel that they and another party are tied to a contract; the company in question may feel that the other party has broken the contract and as such, they wish to sue for damages. It is the responsibility of the business litigation lawyers in Chicago will explain in the brief the details of the contract and how it was breached. In the brief the lawyer will cite that area of contract law that proves a breach exists, the lawyer will go on to cite case law that demonstrates how similar behavior in the past has been seen as a breach of contract.

In many cases business disputes are settled prior to the case going to trial. When this happens the lawyers for the plaintiff and the lawyers for the defendant negotiate a settlement whereby the plaintiff is compensated. In the event a pretrial settlement cannot be reached then of course the case goes in front of a judge and jury.

If you are involved in a business dispute, either as the plaintiff or the defendant you will need to hire business litigation lawyers in Chicago to represent your interests. You are invited to contact Business Litigation Attorney Chicago.

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