What Do Orlando Attorneys Do To Protect Your Rights?

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In the period of time after an automobile accident it can be a hectic time for the victim. It is during this time when you need Orlando Attorneys to aid you in your future fight for justice. When you have been injured there are a million distractions or, you actually may not be able to accomplish much by yourself due to injuries. A claim on the negligent party needs to be made within a specific time frame and this is one valid reason for engaging the services of Orlando Attorneys.

Exactly what do Orlando Attorneys do and how do they protect your rights?

As soon as possible after an accident the Orlando Attorneys gather real facts and data and from this, they make their determinations. Once the attorney has gathered his initial information the client and attorney meet to determine if his client, the victim, carry any fault and if so, how much. The Orlando Attorneys will attempt to determine who exactly bears the true blame, if the claim is pursued how it will stand up in court and what damages might be claimed for the victim.

Once the Orlando Attorneys have a good grasp of the situation they can advise their client whether or not it is in his or her best interest to pursue the case and claim and if so, what settlement should the attorney shoot for. At this stage the Orlando Attorneys will give the client the various options that can be pursed and have the client make their decision based on his best assessment. If the client and his Orlando Attorneys decide the best course of action is to pursue the claim, the attorney can then proceed with action.

Once the decision to file a claim has been made the Orlando Attorneys get to work. The biggest benefit of working with an attorney is that all deadlines will be met and all legal requirements will be fulfilled. The Orlando Attorneys have the time and resources to do the filing whereas the victim may still be hospitalized and in no position to act for himself. Many cases have a very short period of when the claim can be filed.

In court, the Orlando Attorneys defends the rights of his client against the defendant, the defendant’s lawyers and the insurance company and its lawyers. The insurance company is there in an attempt to mitigate their liability by shifting blame from the defendant to the victim. The Orlando Attorneys are experienced in dealing with opposing council and they do not back down when seeking recompense for their client. The negotiations are oftentimes stressful and complicated but the Orlando Attorneys make sure the process stays on track and that a fair settlement is agreed upon.

If you find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer, contact The Coye Law Firm. The team of Orlando Attorneys handles complex cases daily which include workman’s compensation, social security disability and auto accidents.

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