What Happens When You Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney in Romney WV?

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Lawyers

No one should ever put up with abuse of any type. Whether it be physical or emotional, the scars can last a lifetime. When a person is being abused by their spouse, it is imperative they seek help right away. Waiting too long can lead to serious injuries and even death. To protect a person’s life, it is crucial they seek help from the police right away. It is also wise a victim is represented by a domestic violence attorney in Romney WV.

A domestic violence attorney can help an abused victim in many ways. First, they will work to help their client get the protective orders they need, so they will be safe. These orders prevent contact of any type and require the defendant to stay a certain amount of space away at all times. If the person violates the protective order, they can be jailed. These orders need to be put in place immediately, to prevent further contact of any type.

After the first goal of making sure a client is protected, pursuing divorce is important. Most victims of domestic violence want to be free of their abusers as soon as possible. If there are children involved, it is important an attorney is working on the case to ensure they are protected from unsupervised visitation orders that could place them in danger. The domestic violence attorney in Romney WV will work to make sure their client’s rights and best interests are protected throughout the process, even if criminal charges are being sought against their abuser.

The attorney will help make sure the divorce proceeds smoothly and will work to ensure any issues with custody are resolved, so the children are protected. The attorney works as the victim’s advocate, so they are safe through the process.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are urged to seek help right away. To learn more about how a lawyer can help you, visit website domain. They will be happy to meet with you in a consultation meeting so you can have your rights and life protected. Call the office today to get started.

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