What Is A Defective Product?

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Depending on the jurisdiction there are a number of rules, regulations and laws that are related to and govern the manufacture and distribution of defective products. Although there are variables in the rules, generally speaking a product is considered as defective if it is a tangible product that does not work as it should and as a result it is dangerous to use or it lacks the necessary operating instructions. All entities that are involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of consumer goods are aware of their responsibilities and are responsible to see that the goods are not defective and the action taken against them should there be a defect depends on where the damage is sustained.

In the event a person purchases a product which proves to be defective he or she has purchased something that meets a certain criteria. The criteria depend on the consumer protection laws that are in force in the jurisdiction where the injury was sustained. In the US the definition of a defective product is one which is unfit, harmful or dangerous when used as it is intended to be used. A defective products attorney in Chicago can also argue that the product is defective if the accompanying instructions for using it are inadequate. Over and above the use of the product, it may also be defective as a result of the design, manufacture or assembly.
Those that are held responsible for defective products are those that design, produce, distribute, supply and sell the product to the general public. These entities are responsible for product liability which can include a manufacturing defect, a defect in the design and a failure to warn the public which is a defect in the marketing of the product.

The action that can be taken by a consumer depends a great deal on the situation. In some jurisdictions if there is no injury or death then the original purchaser may be only be granted a replacement product or a monetary refund. In the event the consumer does suffer an injury or is killed as a result of using the defective product the injured party or the family can hire a defective products attorney in Chicago and sue for compensation.

Even if the consumer elects not to take legal action he or she can report the defective product to not only the manufacturer and the retailer the product was purchased from, a complaint can be made directly the Consumer Product Safety organization that is responsible for consumer safety and protection from defective products.

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