What Is Covered By Workers Compensation Rapid City

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Lawyers

The point of Workers Compensation Rapid City is to provide financial support for employees who became sick or were injured while they were working. The point of Workers Compensation Rapid City is also to provide financial support to the dependents of an employee was killed while they were on the job.

In order to be covered by your employer’s worker’s compensation you must have sustained an injury that was caused by an unpredictable accident. It is also possible to receive compensation if you have developed an injury or medical condition because you work a job where you repeat the same motion for a very long period of time. This could include straining your back from a lot of heavy lifting or emphysema if you work in a factor that deals with harmful chemicals. It is even possible to get compensation if you work a job that is emotionally trying. Naturally, there are exceptions to what is paid out and what is not when it comes to worker’s compensation. If there were not any exceptions a business would go broke paying out money every time one of their employees got a bump or a bruise.

It has to be proved without a shadow of a doubt that your injury was caused because of an accident. Ideally, it should be an accident that could have been prevented if the employer had been more diligent with safety protocols. There will also be an investigation to make sure that you did not cause the accident. For example, your employer is going to have you screened for drugs. If you are impaired by anything in your system legal or otherwise, you would not qualify for compensation. It is vital that you understand that employers never want to pay worker’s compensation. It is not really about whether or not they care for their employees. It is about not wanting their insurance rates to go up. Most companies are going to hire some big wig attorney to do everything they can to prevent you from getting your compensation. As long as you did nothing wrong you just need to hire a lawyer so you can fight for the compensation your employer owes you.

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