What is Meant By Debt Relief?

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Bankruptcy Law

Debt relief is something that is heard quite often, it can mean many things. Realistically, debt relief in Yorba Linda is a way to get out of debt which is way over your head; this can be done through a strict budget, through consultation with your creditors, consolidation of debt or filing for bankruptcy.

When the term “debt relief” is used in an advertisement, it usually means the advertiser is planning to put you straight into bankruptcy court.

There are options other than bankruptcy that are available.

If you are just suffering a temporary short-fall in reserves, you can approach your creditors and explain the situation. If you have not been in arrears in the past and you have a good payment history, the creditor may see you as a good risk and allow for a temporary suspension of your payments. When the payments become due again, they may be higher to compensate for the past due amount but if you are sure that this is only a temporary problem, this is an excellent approach.

You must talk to your creditors the moment you see yourself facing a payment problem, and you know you are going to need debt relief Yorba Linda. If you let the payments go and your account is no longer in good standing, it will be less likely that the creditor will be accommodating. If third party debt collectors are already after you, the problem is no longer in the hands of the creditor.

There are many people who can escape the clutches of debt just by getting tough with themselves. A good budget which demands that a portion of your income be set to one side for debt payments, a cushion in the event an un-forecasted expense comes along and a fixed amount put towards savings. Whatever is left is “fun money”. For the budget to work there must be sufficient income to satisfy all the variables.

Consumer credit counseling is another method that can be employed. Credit counselors can teach you how to live within your means and how to manage your finances. Be cautious of these agencies, many of them are not professional and can cause you more trouble than you have.

Debt consolidation is where all your debts, car loans, personal loans, etc and lumps them all together into one large debt. The debt consolidation loan can be secured with a mortgage against your home; the resulting monthly payments will be considerably less due to the favorable interest rate compared to credit card interest. The loan amount will stay stable through the life of the loan. To secure a consolidation loan, you must have excellent credit, so if this is a valid approach to solving your problem, start the process early before your credit score is attacked through default and late payments.



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