What to Do If You Have a Workplace Accident

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Lawyers

Accidents come in many different varieties. Minor accidents at work might result in missing a few days of work. A major accident could mean expanded disability. You’ll need to deal with those two cases differently. However, they both have one thing in common; you’ll need a workplace accident attorney. An accident at work is one of the most difficult cases to prosecute. They’re difficult because you have to prove that it happened at work and you also have to prove that your business was liable for it. Then you’ll have to prove the amount of necessary compensation.

Proving Your Case

The first step in proving your accident is proving that it was actually a workplace accident. So, as soon as it happens, you need to take as much documentation as possible. That means keeping records of everything that you can think of before and after the accident. Contemporaneous notes have been admitted into evidence in many different places. They are admissible as evidence in many courtrooms.

So, you should write down everything; also, you should tell someone who you trust about it. That will help you corroborate your story as well as keep the memory fresh. You should also call Evans & Evans Attorneys at Law. They’ll help you prove your case.

Arguing for Compensation

You’ll also need to argue for the appropriate amount of compensation. The compensation should account for the amount of wages that you’ll lose, your medical bills, and your pain and suffering. Your lost wages are simple because your employer will know how much you normally make. It can be more difficult if you work hourly or if you are a contractor; a good lawyer is even more important in those cases. Finally, you will need to prove the pain and suffering. That is the most difficult to prove because it is the monetary compensation for emotional trauma.

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