What to do if your Claim is Denied

Less than one-third of all individuals who apply for disability are approved on their first attempt. The rest are left wondering what happens next. Maybe you have received a denial letter and are pondering your next move. If so, here is some practical advice from a disability lawyer in Knox County.

File an Appeal

Upon being denied benefits, a good number of applicants give up. Among those who do file an appeal, more than half of them are successful. What’s more, the odds increase for those who hire legal counsel.

Filing an appeal starts with submitting a request for reconsideration along with any supporting documentation. You may also include any new evidence that was not available when you first filed your claim. Have a disability lawyer from Knox County look over your paperwork to ensure that everything is in order. Sometimes, adding new information or clarifying old data is all that is needed to trigger an approval.

Prepare for an Administrative Hearing

Some disability appeals are handled by having a new representative review your case. Others require a disability hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). During an administrative hearing, you can present your case and tell the judge why you believe you are entitled to benefits. You may bring witnesses, and you might also be asked certain questions by the ALJ.

Preparing for an administrative hearing is much like getting ready for a court trial. When you are well prepared and can state your facts clearly, the odds of a favorable outcome are much higher. The importance of a disability lawyer from Knox County in this regard cannot be overstated.

If you have been denied disability, don’t give up just yet. Contact Miller & Drozdowski to find out what options you have under the circumstances.