What to Know about Trucking Accidents around Annapolis, Maryland

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Law

In the larger cities, it is not uncommon for traffic accidents to occur with commercial trucks or other large vehicles. When these accidents happen, a person who is involved in the accident with the truck needs to understand the laws regarding trucking accidents in whatever state or commonwealth the accident occurs. An attorney who helps clients involved in trucking accidents around Annapolis, Maryland advises them on what they need to know about the laws about trucking accidents. Here is a look at the laws about trucking accidents in Maryland.

Maryland’s Laws Regarding Trucking Accidents

People involved in trucking accidents should understand that the laws are much stricter for commercial truck drivers than they are for passenger drivers. As such, it may be that the driver of the truck will be found easily liable for many accidents that occur on the highway with another vehicle, particularly a passenger vehicle. Often, commercial trucks have black boxes (like the ones found on airplanes) that will contain a lot of information that could explain why a particular accident occurred with the truck involved. This could be very helpful to the passenger driver who is injured in an accident with a commercial truck.

More about Maryland’s Laws Regarding Truck Accidents

With today’s technology, a lot of tractor trailers are equipped with cameras that can also provide inside information as to what is going on before an accident occurs. The camera could reveal if the driver is sleepy, having a heart attack, a diabetic emergency, or anything that would be helpful in explaining the accident. Whenever an accident occurs with a commercial truck, an injured driver should contact an attorney immediately to find out what options are available.

An Attorney in Maryland for Trucking Accidents

There are many personal injury and traffic accidents lawyers throughout the State of Maryland who can help clients involved in trucking accidents. The Jaklitsch Law Group is a law firm located in the Annapolis, Maryland area that helps clients involved in trucking accidents. If a person needs a law firm experienced in dealing with trucking accidents around Annapolis, Maryland, the law firm is available. More information about the law firm can be reached on the website.

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