What to Know Before Hiring Divorce Lawyers in Stoughton

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Divorce Lawyers

It is extremely hard to accept that a marriage is not working. Everyone gets into marriage expecting a positive transition of their life. Unfortunately, not all things turn out as expected, and this may be the reason for the divorce. Divorce is a long, painful and emotional journey. It is important that the divorcing couple hire the services of proficient divorce lawyers in Stoughton to guide them through the divorce process. Experienced divorce lawyers have handled many divorce cases before successfully. They can provide the necessary legal counsel and support, no matter how complicated the divorce may be. Here are some important details to know before hiring a divorce attorney.

Three Aspects of Divorce

Divorce is not as simple as going separate ways. When filing for a divorce, the couple must agree on:

     *     Division of marital property: The parting couple must figure out a way to divide their marital assets and property. This may include bank accounts, vehicles and assets. They must also determine who is responsible for which debts.

     *     Spousal support: Spousal support may vary depending on circumstances. Generally, the spouse with a higher income may be required to support the lower earning spouse.

     *     Child custody: This divorce decree specifies whom the children will live with, and the circumstances under which the other parent will visit them. The four major types of child custody include legal custody, physical custody, split custody and joint custody.

Three Duties of a Divorce Lawyer

     *     Case planning and management: An experienced divorce lawyer will help their client complete paperwork and documentation in the filing process.

     *     Acting as an arbitrator: A divorce can act as an arbiter if there is a communication breakdown between the two parties.

     *     Representation in court: If some divorce issue is settled in court, the lawyer will represent their client zealously.

Divorce can have devastating effects on the couple and the children involved. By hiring qualified divorce lawyers Stoughton, the divorcing couple can ensure that the entire process flows smoothly and is completed within the shortest time possible.

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