What to Look for in the Disability Law Marketing Manager You Hire

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Lawyers

Marketing is something that many people believe they can handle on their own. With a sign, a few catchy slogans and a social media presence, you will be able to attract all the clients you need. However, marketing is actually much harder than it appears. This is why there are a number of law firms who hire a manager to handle these tasks. Disability law marketing managers ensure that your law firm is advertised in the most effective methods

There are a number of different reasons you should hire a marketing manager.


This does not just refer to marketing experience, but rather, general experience with law firms particularly. In addition to understanding the
specific legal restrictions that are applied to marketing law firms, such as state bar rules, an experienced manager will know how a law firm is
different from other types of businesses and know what potential clients will be looking for.

Practice Specific Tailoring

The best marketing manager you can hire will understand that creating a marketing plan needs to be specified to your particular law firm. They have
to take the time to learn about the law firm and then determine if they will be able to meet the expectations that your firm specifically needs.

A Manager that will say ‘No’

Marketing is a delicate process that has to balance a client’s wishes, while ensuring that they do not do anything to ruin the entire marketing plan.
You need to find a manager who is willing to tell you that your ideas are not going to work, and you will have to be able to respect what they say.
Keep in mind that you are the expert in the field of law, they understand advertising and disability law marketing.

Look for Real Results

You need to look for a practice that can provide you with evidence of the success they have achieved for other businesses in the past. The marketing
manager that you hire needs to recommend a strategy that is tailored to your firm and based on things that have worked in the past. They also need to
know what will not work – and avoid these efforts at all costs.

Your disability law marketing manager needs to not only understand your particular business, they should also be willing to take the time to provide
you with the types of marketing efforts you need to increase your customers and your conversions. When you take time to find a quality manager, you
will be able to have confidence that they will provide you with the results you want from your marketing efforts. Click here to learn more.


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