When a personal injury attorney is a must

With a little effort and a lot of good will it is possible to settle a personal injury issue without too much ado, however, don’t be surprised that at some time during the proceedings you realize the need for the professional services of a Bronx personal injury attorney. As you process the claim you may realize much to your chagrin that the insurance company is reluctant to settle as you want or your injuries are too severe.

There are good reasons why a person will turn to a personal injury attorney.

The claim is too much to handle:

When you are involved in some incident where you end up suffering an injury you may feel that because you bear none of the responsibility that settling a claim will be simple and straight forward. This may seem to be the case from your point of view; unfortunately for you insurance companies are fully aware of how a layperson can be intimidated into settling.

Should your injuries be serious or perhaps even debilitating to the extent that you will not be able to return to your former job or worse yet, you suffer from a disability, the award can be significant. In a case like this for you to get the award you deserve you will need to have a Bronx personal injury attorney by your side. As the lawyers for the insurance company will fight for minimum compensation any expenses associated with having your own legal representation becomes of secondary importance.

Maybe you are not disabled but perhaps you are uncomfortable trying to deal with this yourself. There are many times when the injured party starts to deal with the insurance company and the other party only to realize that even though the case is not big, it is so complicated that attempting to deal with it unrepresented will end up placing him at a disadvantage.


There are times when things appear to be progressing nicely; at least you think they are. Then it comes time for you to negotiate the settlement with the insurance company. Don’t be surprised if the company simply refuses to make any kind of an offer that in your mind is reasonable; worse yet the insurance company may refuse to make any settlement offer. When you, as a layperson, find yourself up against powerful opponents then a Bronx personal injury attorney is an absolute must. The insurance company has reasons why they feel they can deny your claim.

  • Liability: It is easy for them to deny that the insured was negligent nor is he or she in any way responsible for the accident. By doing this they are pinning their hopes on you dropping the claim.

  • Coverage: The insurance company can tell you that the claim is not covered by the insured’s policy.

These are the types of situations you can find yourself in; your best bet is to hire a Bronx personal injury attorney right from the start.