When to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cullman AL

Employees who have been injured at work may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, not all situations will require a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cullman AL. Keep reading for information about deciding when to hire an attorney and when to handle a claim by oneself.

Handling a Claim Alone

The workers’ compensation system was designed to be mostly administrative and simple for employees to wade through, especially when an injury is minor or the employer is not contesting that the injury was work-related. In these situations, an employee will likely be able to handle his or her claim. Unfortunately, simple claims do not always occur. An attorney can help injured employees receive fair compensation for their injuries.

When to Hire an Attorney

Get Experienced Legal Counsel whenever there is a dispute with the insurance company such as a denied claim, a permanent disability rating is disputed, or there is a workers’ compensation hearing scheduled. Skilled attorneys can lend assistance with gathering evidence to challenge the insurance company’s position on the claim. Injured employees should also consider consulting an attorney if they are receiving other government benefits, have a pre-existing condition, or are having trouble working or getting the care they need.

Paying for an Attorney

A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cullman AL typically does not charge hourly rates as other attorneys would. Instead, they tend to work on a contingency basis, which means they are paid a percentage of any compensation their client receives. Since an experienced attorney can assist their clients in obtaining higher levels of compensation, clients may end up with more compensation received even after the attorney receives their share.

Finding the Right Attorney

Because workers’ compensation law is complex, look for an attorney with specific experience handling cases, particularly cases with similar injuries. Ask others who have navigated workers’ compensation claims about attorneys they have used. Trusted physicians and medical professionals or attorneys in other practice areas may be able to office referrals to skilled workers’ compensation attorneys as well.

In Closing

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is a personal decision, but an important one that can directly impact the amount of compensation one can receive. Skilled attorneys know how to best navigate the workers’ compensation system and to work that system in their client’s favor, not the employer’s or their attorney’s favor.